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Doodle Bear Washable Cloth Fabric Markers / Airbrush 6-Pack with 15 Bonus Stencils

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  • My 2 year old colored on her sisters doodlebear with crayola washable markers and it came off with no problem. . You can get a Doodle Bear Marker Accessory 5-Pack But the reviews say that the crayola washable markers work the same if not better. You get more with the crayola markers and they are cheaper.

    Put your Doodle Bear in a pillowcase to protect it before putting it in the washer. Use a cold wash and a gentle cycle; never add bleach to the wash. Ideally, wash the bear within 48 hours of it being doodled on -- any longer and the doodles may not wash out completely. If this happens, try washing it again, as machine drying the bear with doodle marks on it may set the marks into the fabric. Once the bear is clean, you can tumble dry it on a low heat setting. Only the ink from official Doodle Bear markers is washable; if your child uses permanent markers, crayons or pens on a bear, the doodles may not come out.

  • Your Doodle Bear's owner may get a little enthusiastic, resulting in marker pen stains on herself, her clothes, other toys and your furniture or walls. To wash away Doodle Bear pen markings off people, toys and machine washable fabrics, use soap and water. Getting it off carpets, furniture, walls and delicate fabrics might be a bit more difficult. According to Fisher Price, the original manufacturer of Doodle Bears, you may be able to remove marks from these surfaces with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Place a tiny amount of sanitizer on a cloth, then dab it on an area hidden from view to make sure it doesn't damage or stain the object. If the area is unaffected, it's safe to dab at the stain.

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