What happens with the doc hudson cars in 2?. I want to answer

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Disney/Pixar Cars Fabulous Doc Hudson Vehicle

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  • TAG : This toy version of Doc is a must have
  • Doc Hudson. By: LowriderGirl, a picture i found on Devinart that she made. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Disney Pixar Cars club tagged: doc hudson cars fan art.

    Please Put Robert Redford in Cars 2 as Doc Hudson
    Or No Doc Hudson in Cars II
    Fillmore voiced by Brian George
    Red voiced by Craig Ferguson

  • I hate to be wrong, but I hope they hire Edward Asner to voice Doc Hudson in Cars 2, I heard that his voice sounds just like Paul Newman’s voice and I also hope that they hire Brian George to voice Filmore, due to Cars: Mater-National the Video Game because his voice sounds just like George Carlin’s voice.

Doc will have a important tribute in the upcoming Cars 3