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  • via Builder’s Bay Sand and Water Table with Disney Cars Hydro Wheels! The Little Tikes builder’s bay sand and water table is perfect for summer outdoor fun! The Disney Cars Hydro Wheels are an awesome addition to our water table! Lightning McQueen, Mater and Red Hydro Wheels float in the water. We also used CAT construction toys in the sand. Chocolate Chip loves his miniature construction site! The sand and water table also comes with a huge claw, trucks and a boat. It’s a beautiful summer day!

    Pool toy fun with Hot Wheels Splashdown Station & Disney Cars Lightning McQueen & friends Hydro wheels. This Hot Wheels playset is very unusual as it's more like wall tracks with suction cups for your bath. But the box artwork really does not explain how the toy is set up on a wall, it looks like it's floating on water! My Son was sure this toy actually floats on water, but the truth is it doesn't. So in a very crude way I turned this toy into a pool toy where all sorts of toy cars and Racing Thomas The Tank could play. One really nice aspect to the Hot Wheels Splash Rides cars apart from their ability to float is their ability to work on the outside wall of Hot Wheels track. But my son was most impressed that the Splash Rides cars will work on Thomas & Friends Trackmaster train track. It was great to see the Thomas Trackmaster pool noodle track working with the floating Hot wheels splash rides cars. Personally this is not a Hot Wheels playset I would even consider making a toy review for, but my son seemed so caught up with the toy and box art work it was worthy to follow it through to see how it helps to sell the toy. Very fancy toy box artwork is often far more interesting than what's in the box. Anyway the audience can decide if this is a worthy toy for some Hot Wheels action where water stunts are the part of play. I feature the amazing Matchbox Ship and Shark rescue and sub and Squid. These styles of toys to me seem like far grander toys than the featured toy in this review. The Disney Cars Hydro Wheels are fun, but don't expect anything amazing from their pull back action. Finding really impressive toys that play in water can be quite difficult.

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  • Disney Cars Hydro Wheels Colossus XXL Dump Truck:
    Colossus Bath Vehicle inspired by Disney Pixar Cars
    Have massive fun in the tub
    Featuring a classic construction body type
    The hefty truck hauls up to 4 Hydro Wheels cars
    Load the racers in and lift the vehicle bed to start the race
    Colossus is ready for splash-tastic adventures

    Disney Pixar Cars Hydro Wheels Deluxe Bath Collection Kids favorite characters from Disney Pixar s Cars are making a big splash These large scale bath racers feature pull back racing action and a special water feature to enhance the silly antics and water fun This zippy ride actually drives on the surface of the water and features true to movie detailing with big wheels that give the car its float ability Shy firetruck Red sprays water out of his nozzle when you press on the ladder and Mack sprays water out of his mouth when you press on his hat Just pull back on a hard surface to rev up let go on land or in water and watch them take off Rub a dub dub I ll race you to the tub Pool time and bath time are about to be the best time on four wheels Each sold separately

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