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Dino Valley Dino Attack Playset - B Includes

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  • Conveniently located near Dinosaur Valley State Park, Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, Texas is an attraction dedicated to the giants of years past.

    Release Date: 2005-2006

    Description: Early in 2005, people were surprised to find a new line made by Chap Mei: Dino Valley. Unlike the previous Dino Quest series, the dinosaurs were a bit more realistic (even if most of their sizes aren't correct), and we had a vast array of toys to choose from. Worth mentioning are the appearance of the Spinosaurus, probably added to the line due to its JP3-fame, and the error in the Ornitholestes' name, which is now named "Dragonosaurus" for some reason.

  • Release Date: 2006-Current

    Description: Chap Mei's latest dino line was a add-on to the already crowded Dino Valley series. Many collectors were a bit disappointed to see that this new series wasn't as vast as the first, but it still gave us a big sauropod (which we never got in the Jurassic Park toy line), and a huge marine reptile. Who knows what else will Chap Mei unleash on us...

    My North Swedish Horse, Thunderchief, and I are all ready for Dino Valley with our new tack and clothing! Here’s me in one of the new sweaters that came out today! Can you tell I love purple? 😀

    Trail of sauropod tracks, Main Site, Dinosaur Valley State Park.
    Photo (C) 1986, Glen J. Kuban

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park
    The Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park
    Location Somervell County, Texas
    Nearest city Glen Rose, Texas
    Coordinates 32°15′24″N 97°48′41″W / 32.25667°N 97.81139°W / 32.25667; -97.81139Coordinates: 32°15′24″N 97°48′41″W / 32.25667°N 97.81139°W / 32.25667; -97.81139
    Area 1,524.72 acres (617 ha)
    Established 1972
    Governing body Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
    U.S. National Natural Landmark
    Designated 1968

    For more information on Dinosaur Valley State Park, a color booklet by James Farlow entitled State Park (1993) is available from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX, 78744.

Dino Valley Dino Attack Playset - B Includes

Glen Rose is located along Rt. 67 about 70 miles southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. DVSP is about 3 miles west of downtown Glen Rose, along highway 205. Just before a major curve to the left along 205, turn right onto Park Road 59, which leads directly into the park entrance and visitor's center about 1/2 mile ahead. There you will need to stop and pay a modest entrance fee. At the visitors center are several interesting interpretive displays,including trackway replicas, foot skeletons, photographs, murals, andtrackway diagrams. Ourside is a cement replica of a series of theropod and sauropod dinosaur tracks. For more information on park fees and facilities, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website on Dinosaur Valley State Park at For more photos of the dinosaur tracks in the park and elsewhere, please visit my