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Destiny - Standard Edition - Xbox 360

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  • It takes some time to adjust to the aesthetic Bungie has chosen for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Destiny. There's a sense that the studio has chosen to shy away from high frequency texture detail in order to complement the clearly reduced resolution. On first firing up the beta, the blurred presentation can seem rather jarring - it doesn't quite look like anything you've played before. The raw pixel count says 1024x624, but if anything the experience feels lower. Destiny on Xbox 360 isn't as attractive or as detailed as Halo Reach, but those are the trades that need to be made - and there's certainly no lack of ambition in the gameplay served up.

    Destiny on Xbox 360 may well be Bungie's last-gen swan song, and while it may lack the singular focus a first-party title has, the studio deserves kudos for the fact that somehow - miraculously - the core of the PS4 and Xbox One experience has been successfully translated to both of the last-gen versions. The cutbacks made are intelligent and not overly obtrusive - only really distracting when travelling at speed across the terrain, where the pop-in is most noticeable.

  • Other than that, Destiny on Xbox 360 looks and feels remarkably close to its last-gen sibling. In terms of overall presentation and polish, it doesn't quite feel as though it's up to the same standard as Bungie's last platform-exclusive title - - but it's an interesting example of the trades a developer has to make as it moves away from platform-exclusive game-making and into the cross-gen era. The end result is even more remarkable bearing in mind that Bungie had to get to grips with the technical curiosities of the PS3 architecture, while at the same time learning how to get the best from the new wave of Sony and Microsoft consoles.

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