Mr. crayon was self-made, and was willing that it should be known.

in 1927 he bought his first crayola crayons

Crayola 24 Ct Crayons(Discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • The Crayola Experience packs hands-on fun into more than a dozen spread over three floors. Visitors can step into a photo booth that creates a coloring page featuring themselves, doodle in the dark on giant glow boards, and paint with melted wax—or head to the Crayola Chronology exhibit to learn more about the company's colorful past. The Crayola Color Crew keeps the world's largest crayon caddy stocked with more than 100 Crayola crayon colors with which kids can draw pictures of their family or favorite TV family. Live manufacturing demonstrations allow visitors to watch crayons and markers being birthed before their eyes.

    Stop by Easton's The Crayola Experience, PA today and have a fun-filled adventure with the whole entire family. Why wait? Stop in at this place today.

  • Character appearances, pizza, and Crayola crafts make at The Crayola Experience memorable. houses the world's largest crayon, which weighs in at 1,500 pounds and was forged from 123,000 blue crayons—the same number Picasso went through during his Blue Period.

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    Crayola telescoping 150 crayon tower 

  • Save your money before venturing to the Crayola Factory. It's a total waste of time and money. Of course the kids loved it but there's nothing for adults to do except watch the kids have fun. Adults have to pay full admission ($9.00) just to watch the kids make themselves dirty. Even the "how we make crayons" show is deceptive. It's a little 15 minute show during which a guy stands inside a glass booth and demonstrates how crayons are made. You don't get to actually see the factory. At the end of show you are "given" 2 crayons (or magic markers) but not for free, you have to insert a token that you get when you buy admission tickets.

    We traveled all the way from upstate New York, more than 2 hours; it was a total waste of time. It's a good place for a school to go out but not for a family.

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The average child in the United States will wear down about 730 crayons by his or her 10th birthday (11,464 boxes or 7 lbs of crayons) enough to cover an NBA basketball court.