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New York's Biggest Year-Round Costume Store

Disney Store Descendants Evie Costume for Girls ~ 9/10 (Jacket, Leggings, and Gloves)

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  • On this page, we'll talk about some of the year-round Southern California costume stores you might enjoy. There are too many costume shops in greater Los Angeles/San Diego to talk about them all. Some of these year-round shops are highly specialized.

    4.) Costume shops without websites: Potential customers deserve to know what types of costumes a store sells before driving through traffic. No one wants to waste their time.

  • On this page, you'll only find Southern California costume stores in which "real" consumers can shop, not just industry professionals. Most are general costume stores which cater to your year-round holiday and pageant/festival needs (though some listed on this page cater to the large group of Renaissance Festival-goers.)

    3.) When you're body isn't a "standard" size: Even people who only need costumes on Halloween might enjoy choosing their outfits from a year-round costume store. If you think that clothing & department stores seem to carry a limited amount of sizes, their selection of sizes is absolutely huge compared to the limited range of Halloween costume sizes. With nationally-distributed Halloween costume brands, it's common to see sizes such as "Adult medium," "children's small"...or even "one size fits all." Now, we all know that the phrase "one size fits all" should REALLY say, "One size fits some people." For anyone who wants a larger or smaller-than-average costume size...or simply a costume that fits the wearer's body more perfectly...year-round costume stores can be the right place to go. Many sell a larger range of sizes than seasonal shops. And some even have alterations on-site...or the ability for you to request a custom-made costume.

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  • Tustin: (The) Costume Castle: The large Costume Castle store of Lake Forest also operates a seasonal store at the Tustin/Irvine Marketplace. The Tustin/Irvine Marketplace location operates for Halloween time only; see the main Costume Castle listing under "Lake Forest" for your costume needs during other months of the year.

Southern California Costume Stores

Yesterday we spotted this temporary Halloween Costume store from the regional chain iParty. Pop-up retail stores like this are something we're seeing more of in Boston. The shops are here one day, gone the next, taking advantage of a short selling period for specific items- like Halloween costumes.