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  • I purchased the Combi pink car walker, and the back base/bar of the walker is way too close to the baby's feet and my granddaughter;s feet were getting cut by the back bar. It is poorly designed and should be recalled! If you look at the reviews on Amazon, there are more mothers saying the same thing. My granddaughter would cry every time she was put in it and tried to walk. We did not realize it was cutting her feet until we took her socks off, then watched her closely in the walker (Other moms have said the same thing!). Grandbaby's feet were cut and scraped up on her heels where the back of the walker would keep catching at her heels when she tried to walk.

    I bought the Combi Pink Car Walker. When my daughter was tall enough to walk around in it, we noticed she would scream and cry. She was about 6 months old. When we check her, the heels of her feet were getting cut and scraped from the back bar of the walker. The back bar of the walker is too forward, in which it does not allow room for my daughter to move her feet or walk correctly, thus they get stuck under the back bar. My daughter refuses to sit in the walker. I called Combi's customer service to inform them of this serious concern and gave them my model number, serial number, etc. They said they would call within 24-48 hours. I have yet to hear from them and it’s been over a week now. This product cuts the heels of the babies' feet that are tall enough to walk in it.

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