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Honeywell UV Germ Free Cool Moisture Humidifier

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  • The elegant cold air humidifier has a non-breakable watertank and 2 humidification levels. The patented "Germ-free technology" is incredibly efficient in establishing a clean breathing environment. Self Regulating Evaporative Technology has made this unit capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold and various other harmful allergens.

    In cold air humidifiers microbes can grow in the water and on the filter/membrane element. As the fan blows it can blow these microbes into the air. These filters need to be changed or cleaned.

  • Cold air humidifiers evaporate water into the air at a rate based upon the relative humidity. When relative humidity is low, cold air humidifiers work very quickly, but as relative humidity rises, the rate of evaporation slows.

    Humidifiers are made to increase the amount of humidity in the air. Hot air humidifiers boil water and vent the steam into the room air. Cold air humidifiers use a membrane such as a filter surface to draw water from a reservoir. Then this increased wet surface area is exposed to a fan that evaporates the water into the room. There are a few key differences between the action of the two types.

    Category Cold air humidifier
    Humidification power 0.29 l/h
    Tank volume 4 l
    Suitable for rooms up to 45 m²
    Features Vision panel
    Operating time 13.7 h
    Operating voltage 230 V
    Power 36 W
    Colour White
    Width 24 cm
    Height 29.6 cm
    Length 44.5 cm
    Weight 3800 g

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