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Star Wars The Clone Wars, Child's Costume And Mask, Arf Trooper Costume, Medium (Ages 5 to 7)

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  • The Clone Wars are a major part of the Star Wars galactic history, and these chronicles have been brought to life in a Lucas Films movie and television series. Our collection of Clone Wars costumes reflects the characters and styles seen during the Clone Wars and are available to you at the click of your mouse. We carry child and adult Clone Wars costumes in many different styles and sizes. From Commander Cody to Anakin Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka, we have a costume that will give you an authentic Star Wars look this Halloween.

    The percentage of CGI used compared to more traditional methods was so high, in fact, that not even one clone trooper costume was required for filming. Every single clone trooper you see in all of the three movies is digitally rendered, despite the apparent ease you’d have thought it would’ve been to use real actors in costumes.

  • Let the action begin in a fun Star Wars costume. Train hard in the Grand Army of the Republic and fight for what you believe in. Stand up for your cause with your bretheren in a Clone Trooper costume.

    Uphold law in the universe in Clone Trooper costumes. Dress as Captain Rex and Commander Cody and direct the clone army in authentic costumes from the popular Star Wars series. Available in adult and kids sizes, Clone Trooper costumes let you enjoy a galaxy far, far away. Great for make believe and Halloween, choose a Clone Trooper costume to spark ultimate imagination amongst you and your young ones.

  • If you want to make a Star Wars clone trooper costume but you don't have a budget that extends from here to a galaxy far, far away, remember that the art of costuming is all about illusion. With the help of fabric paint, basic sweats and cheap tennis shoes can become a clone trooper uniform. Use white sweats and shoes for a civilian or rebel clone trooper and black sweats for an imperial clone trooper. A helmet that covers your entire head can be made for next to nothing from papier mâché. Small pieces of black window screen placed over the eye and mouth areas of the helmet add to the robotic look while disguising your face and providing air and sight holes.

Clone Trooper Costumes - Clone Wars Costumes

Their fighting force would face off against countless droid armies and Separtist forces throughout the course of the Clone Wars. We've got some great Clone Trooper costumes that will let you relive all of the action. We have versions in deluxe and regular that come in both child and adult sizes. In one of our costumes you can defend the honor of the Republic, or just dress up for one epic night!