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Monster High Scarnival Clawd Wolf Doll

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  • Clawd Wolf : Clawd Wolf is the 17 year old son of the werewolf . He is older brother to Clawdeen and Howleen, and is dating Draculaura. Exclusive Games

    There is two new characters or figures that has been added to the Monster High student collection, and today I am going to show you how to draw both of them. First lets start with Clawdeen Wolf's older brother Clawd Wolf. He is a cool, laid back, down to earth individual that likes to keep things as real as possible. There is no lying with Clawd because he is a werewolf that doesn’t believe in telling lies to get by. Other than being popular and good looking, Clawd is also on the track team and one of his ex-girlfriends is Cleo de Nile. Obviously Deuce is her new man nowadays, but that just shows you how popular Wolf is. This lesson will teach you "how to draw Clawd Wolf", step by step. He isn't going to be that difficult to recreate, but even so, there is a total of eight steps to get through before completion. If you want you can draw his little sister standing by his side too. I will be back in a jiff so stay tuned in.

  • Couple Draculaura and Clawd Wolf on the runway of romance! These 2 model Monster High students are flirtatiously strutting their ghoulish looks. Dress them both in spooky, signature fashions with delightfully creepy colors. Don’t forget skull-themed accessories and neon-pink bows!

    Clawd Wolf in Scarnival. Picked him up at Kmart New Zealand for $19.00. The school dance has been cancelled, so the student body is putting on a spectacular fair to raise money. The costumes will be clawesome, the games freaky -fun, and the prizes to die for -but the beast prize will be saving the dance!

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    It makes my fur stand up when the student bodies at Monster High assume that because I'm clawsome at football and casketball that I'm just a dumb jock.
    ~ Clawd Wolf

  • Here, hold my purse, and my books, my earrings, laptop, phone, makeup bag, all my bracelets...
    Clawdeen Wolf in "Fur Will Fly"

    The hottest couple in Monster High - Draculaura And Clawd Wolf are invited to do freaky cool fashion show! What should they wear? You could choose the perfect clothes and accessories for this hot couple with fangs! Have fun!

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Introducing the new couple from Monster High, Draculaura and Clawd Wolf complement each other wherever they go. Monster High Draculaura and Clawd Wolf Doll Giftset also includes other cool accessories that make playtime more fun. Clawd Wolf has been introduced for the first time. He is the son of the Werewolf and brother of the Claudeen Wolf.