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LectraLock Child Safety Outlet Covers: A Perfect Baby Gift!

Child Safe Outlet Covers
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Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs, 36 Count

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  • Child Safety Outlet Covers Protect Children and Keep Drafts Out with Insulation Safety proof homes with Care Covers by K Products. Sliding door outlet covers have two ...

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  • These are great - I only wish I had purchased more. Of course, they protect baby by covering the electrical outlet; however, the great thing about these is that when dad needs to use the outlet, he just slides the cover to the side - no plastic plug to wrestle out and then leave on the floor, where it does no good. When dad removes his electrical cord, the spring-loaded cover slides right back into place, automatically - fantastic! Now mom doesn't have to follow dad around the house to make sure he replaces the plastic covers he takes out of the outlets.

    - Child Safety Outlet Cover is the ultimate in safety for outlets. This outlet cover is a practical way to help protect your children from dangerous electrical shock. Convenient to use, nothing to unplug or plug back in, this plate fits over the outlet like a standard outlet plate. Whenever you unplug an appliance, a shield automatically slides into position to block open sockets so little fingers can't get to them. Child proof your home today! Fits standard outlets.

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    Plug Guard Sliding Door Child Safety Outlet Cover,12/BX
    Dual Door Child Safety Outlet Covers Slide Up to Expose the Outlet Holes Pack of 12 Plug Guard electrical outlet covers to protect children and save energy .
    Price is US$40.80 
    Plug Guard Safety Outlet Cover, Energy Saving, White, 48
    Energy Saving Sliding Outlet Covers Hide Unused Outlet Holes for Child Safety Box of 48 Plug Guard safety outlet covers. Save energy. Add child safety. to your home, clinic or business.
    Price is US$150.72 

Child Tamper-Resistant Face Outlet Covers