calliuo rocks poop your pants - jawinn is back

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I thought Caillou was bald because there was something medically wrong with him…

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  • When I said “none of that happens with TV shows”, I was specifically talking about interacting with and reflecting on what is being served through the TV screen. How can you interact? You can’t ask questions or receive feedback, you have no time to reflect, the vast majority of shows are designed to capture your attention constantly. They wouldn’t be entertaining otherwise.

    Your response is a bit extremist too You know very well that most parents don’t just give 30 minutes of TV to their children each day. The average is between 4 and 6 hours. If you manage to keep it to 30 minutes, I applaud you, but I have to wonder what benefits that gives you, beside keeping the kids occupied while you are on a phone call or cook dinner. I just get the feeling you’re being disingenuous, but please correct me

  • Not to Author: I respect your right to your opinion and I admire your blogs. The one about “Ugly Parents” was amazing. I would love to hear more of your opinions and reviews on children’s shows and products, just understand I won’t be accepting this one as positive or rhetorically accurate.

    Finally a kindred spirit! This little brat is like nails on a chalkboard to me. My step-son loved watching this when he was 2-3 and it KILLED me. Everybody else in the family thought it was a sweet show and I was somehow horrible for hating it so much. Now I have a daughter who’s 1-1/2 and I do not let her watch it. Or Elmo for that matter. We watch the ‘Old School’ Sesame Street DVDs specifically to avoid that little red monstrosity!

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    Callious Cats Name Is Gilbert Hope This Helps :)

  • Character Episode Reason
    Caillou's Daddy Thanksgiving Cried because Caillou's Mommy made him cut the onions.
    Leo A Friend in Need Cried because he tripped and broke his foot.
    Clementine Caillou's Crossword Cried because both Caillou and Leo called her 'Stupid'.
    Andre Caillou's Big Friend Cried when he broke Caillou's chair because he fell and Caillou was mad at him.

    As a Canadian, I would like to formally apologize for the atrocity that is Calliou. He is NOT representative of a typical Canadian kid, nor are Hos parents’ disciplinary tactics typical of the average Canadian family. Please don’t think any less of us…

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Calliou is awful. I basically stopped letting my daughter watch TV for awhile because Calliou took away my faith that anything of value could be gained from television. If I continued to watch, I might have lost complete faith in humanity.