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  • We have been to Brush and Bottle several times now. In comparison to the other paint and drink establishment in town, I'm afraid this one is of lesser quality. First off, the service I experienced when trying to book a reservation was crabby and irritated. The gal repeatedly reminded me that I should be booking online, though I had only called because the discount code she gave me wasn't working and I needed to book for several people. Second, the instructors here seem less experienced and sometimes have a difficult time leading a group through the painting. Third, I generally prefer the painting choices elsewhere. Fourth, there is no option to purchase food or drink onsite, which is a nice option at the other spot in town.

    Typically, we have gone here because it's closer to us, but with the price of painting and the various downsides, I'm not sure we will be back any time soon.

    In the past few months, I've been seeing people's Brush and Bottle paintings popping up on Facebook. I was always impressed with how they turned out, and my friends who went always said they had a great time.

    My two year anniversary was coming up, so I decided to spend the $35 each to check it out. We brought a bottle of wine, some salami, cheese, bread, and hummus for to munch on during our three hour session.

    When we arrived they greeted us and showed us to our seats and easels. When the "class" started, the teacher was standing on a platform showing us the step by step on how to paint our starry desert night. The owner, along with the other employees, would patrol around the room offering tips and compliments of our paintings and progress. They made my non-artist self feel like a boss.

    We chatted up the people around us, and I loved how drastically different the paintings were by the end. We both drank wine, ate food, and had a great teacher help us end up with a couple great paintings. They're going up around our house, for sure. As a non-artist, I feel pretty proud of how I did.

    Bring wine and snacks. It's three hours, and you might get hungry.
    Don't bother bringing glasses or a wine opener. They provide.
    Come about 15 min early so you can relax and set your food/drink up.
    Small food plates are not provided.
    Don't worry about getting more paint than you get initially. People didn't seem to get on that.

    Yay painting!

    fun fun fun
    I found the picture i wanted to paint on their web site, signed up, and went !
    I treated myself to a great dinner in the same shopping center The Mediterranean Grill" (walking distance to studio) wonderful dinner. I had the kabob mixed grill.
    I walked over the "Brush and Bottle" and had a wonderful experience.
    I have NEVER painted before in my life! I signed up for a 3 hr. class because it was the painting I wanted to paint. I did great! The instructor was wonderful and there were several staff members there to assist you also. Wonderful staff !!
    I am looking forward to doing it again !!
    would highly recommend it !!

    Love love love this place!
    I've been dying to try a BYOB painting class, bought their living social deal and went on a Sunday afternoon. The class was painting flowers and being able to barely draw stick people or paint by numbers I was a little nervous. The instructor was great though, we received step by step instructions, she walked around the class giving pointers or helping to fix any miss steps and helped with the color mixing. Overall my friend and I had a fabulous time drinking our mimosas and painting on a Sunday afternoon.

    Brush and Bottle provided the paint, canvases, aprons, brushes and even had ice buckets to keep your drinks cool. It is a great place, fabulous concept and is such a great time. I highly recommend it, we will definitely be going back soon!!

  • Brush and Bottle is a BYOB.. Bring your favorite refreshment glass of (wine, beer, soda or juice) & appetizers. Paint, canvas and brushes are provided, as an experienced and enthusiastic local artist will lead you step by step in recreating the featured artwork. End of the night you take your masterpiece home.

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Wine and Painting!
Bring a friend or come solo, a snack and your favorite wine, beer, soda, get the idea! Brush and Bottle supplies everything needed to complete your masterpiece, including instruction from a talented local artist. At the end of the class you will have a one of a kind piece of artwork to take home.

You can choose from a 2 or a 3-hour class. Both classes feature an artist who will guide you through the painting step-by-step. No experience is required! If you would like to set up a private party (birthday, bachelorette, work event or fundraiser) contact Brush and Bottle.