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Fisher-Price Baby's Bouncer, Geo Meadow

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  • An innovate infant seat mimics the movement parents use to calm their little ones with five different motions that gently bounce and sway, while nature sounds, white noise or your own MP3 player provide optional sounds for added relaxation. In white, the ‘Classic mamaRoo’ Bouncer Seat (Infant) is a pretty alternative to your little kids. Includes three reversible, plush toys. Kids’ Wear.

    The uniquely designed bouncing leg, allows the seat to bounce along with your child’s movement or from your touch. This bouncer seat also features a removable canopy to help control light exposure and a rear pocket for easy storage.

  • Does your daughter spit up a lot? She could have reflux and this causes her discomfort when she is lying down. The incline of the bouncy seat helps. My son had this problem and we did a few things. First we put him on medication for the reflux. We also put a wedge under the head of his crib to prop him up a little. Since we have done this he sleeps great. You can buy a wedge at Baby World on College. Gabrielle I had the same thing with my son, he would sleep upright, but would cry shortly after we put him down flat. Turn out he had mild reflux. Not enough that he was throwing up an making it obvious, but it was burning his throat unless he was upright. THe doc put him on medicine which worked great. We also had him sleep in his carseat for months, which worked great, but ended up giving him neck problems because he slept with his head tilted. (We had to do some easy physical therapy--excersises, positioning--which worked very well and he was fine 6 months later) Sounds like you have the same sort of thing, so I would look into reflux and baby Zantac. Good luck. Ann Our son, who is 13 months, also refused to sleep in his crib when he was a newborn. He would sleep swaddled in his bouncy seat or in his carseat. He began sleeping in his crib at about 4 months. He has slept through the night in his crib since about 5 months. Based upon our experience, I don't think you should be concerned that at 9 weeks he hasn't taken to his crib. We too were worried that he never would sleep in his crib. But, it just took a few months for him to get used to being outside the uterus. Deb April 2004

    Are you looking for a cute baby bouncer seat that is not only practical and stylish but yet affordable? Then look no further, the is just perfect for you! Excuse the cliche, but it really is that good.

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  • Soothe & Go Bouncy Seat
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    If your little one is sleeping 8+ hours peacefully with only one nighttime nursing break, I'd count my blessing. My daughter slept in her bouncy seat every night for several weeks when she was 2-3 months old. She had terrible congestion from a respiratory infection so were advised to let her sleep in a more upright position. She eventually got well and grew out of it but I think the gentle rocking motion was very soothing and we were grateful that she was asleep. Sharon We had the same problem, but with the car seat. He would not sleep flat at all. We bought a wedge shaped pillow (meant for the crib, it is a firm one that goes under the crib sheet) and finally were able to get him to sleep in the crib reclined. I have also seen things in catalogs to prop up one end of the crib. Maybe you could try putting the bouncy seat in the crib to get him used to the environment, then get him used to sleeping in the crib reclined in some way, maybe using that as well as the positioner so he feels more cuddled. Good luck! Anon My son would only sleep in the carseat at that age. It's pretty normal. First, your child is too young for any crying- it-out to work. Four months is a bare minimum for that, often closer to six. When they learn to roll over and get more mobile, they want more room to scramble around and get tired of the bouncy seat. My son transitioned to the crib very easily just before six months. He was suddenly acting unhappy with the carseat, and I just laid him in the crib and that was all it took. I had been putting the carseat in the crib, so it was the same space for him, just more room.

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