Control static while softening your clothes with Bounce Dryer Sheets.

i like to keep a bounce dryer sheet in each of my drawers, closets, etc

Bounce Outdoor Fresh (old version) HE, 320 Sheet

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  • 2. Have static electricity on your television? My youngest is scared of the tv shocking her. Use a Bounce Dryer sheet and wipe it over the entire screen. Static is gone!

    4. Stick them under the seats in your car. This is my husband’s tip actually. He discovered this years ago when a box of Bounce dryer sheets accidentally fell out of a grocery bag and ended up under the seat of the car. The next day, the car smelled great. Ever since, we always use a few sheets under the seats in the car and one or two in the trunk.

  • I love the Bounce Dryer Sheets in Citrus Fragrance! The scent is awesome and they leave your clothes smelling clean and fresh. I can see how if someone is not big on fragrance, it might be a little too much, but I like a bit of a scent left behind, so these are right up my alley. I can't remember ever having issues with static when using these in my dryer, so that is a hug bonus as well. They seem to be a good value for the price, and you can further reduce the cost with sales and promotional coupons, so I don't see that as a hinderance in buying the product. Bounce Dryer Sheets are readily available at your grocery store, drugstore, online, etc, so that is a nice bonus as well. It's always good to know that you will be able to easily find something when you need it or want it. There are a lot of products out there, but I think that Bounce consistently has a more superior product than the competitors.

    6. Throw them away. Literally. A Bounce dryer sheet in the bottom of your garbage can leaves it smelling fresh. We do this in every garbage can.

  • Bounce Dryer Sheets are regularly priced at $1.97 at Target. There will be a $5.00 off three Bounce coupon in the P&G Insert of 9/28. Use this coupon to get Bounce Dryer sheets for as low as “Use Bounce dryer sheets to keep mice out of your camper. They do not like the smell. It also makes your camper smell great.” – Bill Londry, Adventurer 86FB.30.

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“When putting the camper up for the winter, I remove all food items and soft goods, spread around lots of Bounce dryer sheets, and put some good old fashioned mouse traps on the floor and in the cabinets. I haven’t had a problem.” – David Wilcox