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Beech-Nut Organic Stage 3 Baby Food Variety Pack, 4.25 Ounce (Pack of 10)

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    Buy (5) Beech Nut Organic Baby Food Jars, 4.25 oz – I suppose I can't say much for the taste of them personally. But my son loves Beech Nut baby food. And I love the variety, the price, and the ingredients. If you read the labels of a lot of foods anymore, and there are atleast 10 ingredients on them that you've never heard of, let alone able to pronounce. I love beech nut because they usually have very minimal ingredients, and they are all things that I know and have no trouble reading. They are also super cheap, and there are so many different kinds and combinations of foods. When I have a choice, I always buy beech nut..69 each wyb 10 Mega Sale items – Thru 4/19
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    Submit For: Valid until it disappearsPay: $1.10 or only I recently read a very interesting story about Beechnut , we all recognize the Beechnut Baby Food normally by their glass baby food containers and their variety for food for babies, but this story of Beechnut Baby Food had me shaking my head in consumer disbelief! Even if it is an old tale, it is one of Beech Nut Baby food failure, a product recall and your supposed 'Healthy baby food' being a hoax! .22 each after rebates

  • And as you can see it was a success! He loved all of his Beech Nut baby food! This is how I can describe this baby food…I won the lottery, hired a private chef, they grew a bunch of vegetables, cooked, and pureed them fresh out of the garden and handed me a jar. Now that is fresh!

    Opened several jars of stage 3 Beechnut baby food-country vegetables with Turkey and Country vegetables with chicken. The vegetables are so hard the baby spits them out and then won't eat. I tried to mash the potatoes and carrots & peas with a spoon and found them to be too hard to even mash with a spoon. I called Beechnut and told them their food was not cooked done. They argued it was. Perhaps its not even real vegetables! Who knows! Please check into it! Companies are always putting their profits ahead of the consumers even if it means someone's life is endangered.

  • Beech Nut recall baby food after one of its products was found contaminated with a piece of glass. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced 1,920 pounds of 4-ounce glass jars Beech Nut recall baby food manufactured on date December 12, 2014.

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I had purchased jars of BeechNut baby foods. Each one was still well within the expiration date. However, the jars (although safety sealed & still "popped") had what looked to be mold and or rust inside the threads of the jar/top closure, as well as coating the underside of the lid. I began to open all of the jars from this brand and everyone I had was contaminated.