Title: Band Hero (Video Game 2009)

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Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift

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  • Brought to you by Activision, the makers of Guitar Hero, Band Hero is a jam-packed music game perfect for the whole family. A track list of over 65 songs picked from a variety of musical styles and eras ensures there’s something for everybody, and the wide range of modes mean you can tackle gruelling challenges or just have some knockabout musical fun with family and friends.

    Band Hero is simple to pick up and play: singers just need to give it their all as the lyrics appear, while for bassists, guitarists and drummers coloured marks (which helpfully match the coloured buttons on the controllers) come up on screen showing you what to press and when. All you need is a little rhythm and the willingness to have a go - before you know it you’ll be bobbing your head to the beat and doing your bit for the band. Because each player chooses their own difficulty level there’s nothing to stop absolute beginners forming a band with those who’ve had a little (or a lot) more practice and lighting up the stage together.

  • In addition to the usual modes where the band plays through whole songs to score big, Band Hero features a cool Party Play setting, where anyone can jump in or out at any time at the mere touch of a button. If you fancy testing your skills, Rockfest is a collection of challenges ranging from really easy to crazily hard that promise to keep your band busy. When your mates can’t come out to play they can stay in to play: up to 8 players can take on the challenges via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, so limber up those fingers and get ready to wow the crowds.

    Play in a rock band, pop band, ska band, punk band, soul band, indie band, reggae band or country band – whichever way you cut it you can be a Band Hero on Wii!

  • Best of all, there’s no need to sing or play an instrument for points to get in on the action of Band Hero. This time it’s really personal - Mii Freestyle Mode lets you jam while your Mii takes to the stage on screen. There’s also the option to shoot videos of your Mii getting down with their bad selves and share them with your friends.

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Band Hero™ takes the fun of social gaming beyond the living room and allows families and friends to play together as a band with the DS, built in microphone, the brand new innovative Drum Grip that gives players the ability to lay down beats on their DS Lite and the signature Guitar Hero® Guitar Grip™ gameplay. This cooperative, family-friendly addition to the Guitar Hero series boasts the biggest set list for a Nintendo DS music game to date and is comprised of some of the hottest tracks from music's most popular artists.