Baby Trend Inertia installed with the base

Baby Trend Inertia- 3 months, 11 lbs., 24 inches

Baby Trend Flex-Loc Car Seat Base, Black

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  • I've called Baby Trend numerous of times and they asked me to submit receipt and pictures and so I did and their response was that they can't do anything for me as it's wear and tear of me using the stroller. I would never buy from Baby Trend again after knowing that all this has happened to me and the stroller doesn't seem safe for my baby. All I wanted was for them to replace it for a new one but instead they wanna charge me for parts for the stroller. I think I paid enough for their product and they should stand behind their product and make their customers happy. They charge a lot of money for their strollers but they are built so cheap.

    Purchased a Baby Trend jogging stroller travel system. On several occasions my son has been in the car seat inside the stroller. When I tried to take the seat (and my baby) out of the stroller to put him back in car the latch got stuck. Several days ago I could not get it unstuck no matter how hard I tried. Usually after a few minutes I am able to get it unstuck, but this time I couldn't. Finally my Dad was able to get it unstuck. This was after about 15 minutes in a parking lot in the hot Sun. Not long after we began using the seat the shade kept coming off. It came off so often we just leave it off now. I am afraid it will scratch my baby if we leave it on the seat.

  • I contacted Baby Trend and told them I am concerned we won't be able to get the seat unstuck and then what? I received a call from a rep that told me I just needed to connect these white bands. I asked her to call me back the next day to ensure that worked and she promised she would. It has been 3 days and I haven't heard from her. There was only one white band present and if you try to use it, it bunches up. That is not an appropriate fix for this! I began reading the reviews on this product and this brand is very scary! I am scared for my child's safety.

    On June 14 yesterday my son stroller handle broke in half on the end caps. I was going up two stairs when it cracked in half. I had nothing Heavy at the bottom nor is my son that heavy. When I called Baby Trend about the situation I was asked to send a pic and was told by a customer service agent that they will see what they can do about repairing it. When I didn't get a call back, I called the next day and got a female who told me that there was nothing to do and that was my fault it broke that way.

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    There are 6 wheels on my baby trend stroller - 2 on each side in front and 1 on each side in back. One of the bolts came off one of the rear wheels so the wheel fell off. Totally unacceptable and they want to charge $9.50 to replace. Called in and spent 30 min on hold.

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This particular Sit N Stand model is only available in Canadian BabiesRUs stores, and the few reviews it has received so far have been outstanding. Both were five-star Baby Trend travel system reviews with moms saying that getting into the storage basket was easy and that their older child enjoyed riding in the back, even with the car seat in place in the front in travel-system mode. It was also said that the stroller folds up as compact as a single stroller, which was a huge positive for this mom.