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Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier, Black

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  • Hi Recreate, The BabyBjorn carrier can be worn with baby facing in (towards you) or away (facing out). I found that my babies loved having their legs dangling as opposed to a swaddle style carrier. Also be mindful of the dangers of a swaddle carrier. I know that in the very infant stages you have to be sure there is enough breathing room. good luck!

    I would skip this design of a baby carrier all together. The legs being lower than the bum is bad ergonomic form for an infant. The boba, beco, tula ect all have really great designs that are similarly priced, better constructed, and will outlast the usefulness of this carrier. Also the facing out isn’t ideal because they baby cannot turn away from the world when over stimulation occurs.

  • I agree with Andrea. I did a LOT of research about which baby carrier to purchase, and the Bjorn fails to tilt the baby’s hips so that their weight is not hanging on their pelvis. There are many superior alternatives. I personally went for the Ergo, which we still use for our 3 year old. I am using a wrap, like the Moby Wrap, for my 3 month old. It is even more comfortable than the Ergo!

    Since the carrier comes in neutral colors, my husband could proudly get in on the baby carrying action too. He carried each of our three children around town in a Bjorn . It’s actually hard for me to believe that Baby Carrier Miracle could be better than my original version, but with the additional back support, extra soft cotton fabric and now an organic option, I’ll admit I’m a wee bit jealous my baby carrying days are over.

    Tula Carrier is an ergonomic Soft Structured Backpack style baby carrier designed in Poland. The Tula Baby Carrier is intended for babies from 7 to 20kg or typically from about 5 months to about 4 years old.
    Tula carriers are made in Tula's very own manufacturing facitlities located in Poland and Mexico with materials produced either from the EU or the USA.

    *Special note: Due to the lack of product images, the images shown here are mostly of the Tula Baby Carriers & some Toddler versions. The key difference between the 2 variants is the size of the carrier panel and the length of the straps and belt. Check out these photos to get a better idea of just how big the Tula Toddler Carrier really is compared to the Tula Baby Carrier:-
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    Funki Flamingo, a premium baby products company, launched their newest product last week, called the Funki Flamingo Hipseat Ergonomic Baby Carrier. The product is now on a special launch price on Amazon UK and is earning favorable reviews early on.

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When my daughter was an infant, I used a purchased stretchy wrap baby carrier exclusively. After she outgrew that wrap, we used a sling that was great, but lately I’ve felt the need to be able to carry her on my back, especially when she’s feeling clingy and I need both of my hands free to do something. Before purchasing a lovely but expensive woven wrap, I did a little research, and was delighted by how easy wrap carriers are to make! Use the following instructions to make your own wrap baby carrier.