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Online retail giant  is expanding its specialist arts and crafts store selling handmade goods to the UK, .

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  • About Once Around
    Marin's Once Around is a one-of-a-kind arts and craft store that provides felting, stamping, book-binding, sewing, fabric-painting, wreath-making, embossing, scrapbooking, decoupage, candle-crafting, soap-pouring, glitter, embroidery, knitting and more. Once Around offers a wide range of to suit their customer's tastes.

    There’s something about New York that gets the creative juices flowing. Incredible and crafty alone inspire us to get our hands covered in clay, hot glue and glitter. Sure, not all of us are bona fide artists once we get behind an easel or a sketch pad, but with the right tools, anything is possible, right? From necessary supplies to for DIY-ers, these arts and crafts stores are the first stop for channeling your inner Picasso.

  • Customers who visited a Michaels Arts and Crafts Store in the last three months, including Manhasset, Oceanside, and Westbury, New York, may be victims of a debit card scam that has affected stores nationwide. Over 80 Michaels stores in 20 states have taken precautions by releasing details and removing 7,200 PIN pads from stores after being notified by banks that similar fraudulent debit card transactions occurred.

    We know by now that one positive way to promote change is by making conscious purchases. We did it with a certain chicken fast food chain and now we can do it with arts and crafts. I know it seems surprising, but there are arts and crafts stores out there that value their employees! Surprising, right?!

  • OWATONNA — A new arts and crafts store is coming to downtown thanks to a competition hosted by the Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.

litre of sunshine: Michaels Arts and Crafts Store Grand Opening

Michaels is another giant arts and craft chain store. Among a million other things, they sell yarn, artist supplies, floral supplies, jewelry-making supplies, bakeware, scrapbooking supplies and random $1 packs of blank notecards I can’t stop buying. They’re and even have some stores throughout Canada. Michaels also offers online purchases and has you should be using.