Aquabots toys will turn bath time into funtime.

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Aquabots toys are a new innovation from Hexbug creators Innovation First.

HEXBUG Aquabot (Styles and Color May Vary)

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  • Aquabots, the aquatic variant of Hexbugs, are available in either shark or clown fish varieties and in ten colors. Driven by electro-magnetic propulsion, they start swimming when they come in contact with water. These little guys are almost eerie in how well they mimic actually fish movements. The perfect solution for the person who wants a fish on their desk but just knows they’ll forget to feed it. You can find them at for £7.95.

    On October 16, 2012, The Aquabats and The Hub confirmed production on new episodes of through the social networking sites and , announcing a tentative debut date of Spring 2013. Principal photography on season two began on October 22 and wrapped on December 1. Unlike the first season, the majority of season two was shot in and around , , which Jacobs explained was considerably less expensive than shooting in California.

  • On August 22, 2013, confirmed via Twitter that three additional episodes of were being filmed near the end of the year, "and maybe more next". Principal photography on these episodes eventually began in Utah in early October. Throughout the month, The Aquabats posted numerous pictures of production on the new episodes on their Twitter and accounts, some of which revealed of 301, 302 and 303, ostensibly indicating what would be a third season. Though these numbers were later verified by the , a November press release from The Hub explicitly referred to these three episodes as "".

    In further homage to the original series, features a variety of celebrity . The series' first season included appearances from actors , and , comedians , and , and comedy musician , who appeared in two episodes as different characters. The first season also included several "" cameos from original Aquabats members and , as well as from fellow musicians Warren Fitzgerald and Art Mitchell of the band .

    Aquabot Plus Remote

  • Aquabot Plus Remote

    The first of these specials, "Christmas with The Aquabats!", aired on December 21, featuring comedians and in guest roles. The second of these episodes, "The Shark Fighter!" (based on The Aquabats' ), featuring comedian , aired the following week on December 28, while the final special "Kitty Litter!" aired on January 18, 2014. "Kitty Litter!" was helmed by another guest director, Munn Powell, best known for his work as on the films and .

Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 TV Spot, 'Rapping Shark'

The Aquabot i2 cleans your pool faster and better than before and saves you money while doing it. Suction side cleaners operate off of your pool pump, adding to your energy costs and putting additional strain on your pump. Pressure-side cleaners require a booster pump and consume even more power. The i2 uses a separate, low-voltage power supply, using only 150W, to give you a significant energy and cost savings. The result is a more comprehensive clean for up to 15x less money than other cleaners.