For 2000, APBA NFL Football delivers all the stunning realism fans ..

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APBA Pro Football Strategy Game (1996)

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  • The minute I laid eyes on these fields, I knew that I had to have these developed into APBA style football fields. I wanted something sturdy that wouldn’t move easily, worked with existing first down marker/football, ability to track downs, had a protective surface and most importantly was “playable”.

    I emailed Art and briefly explained my intentions of transforming his fields into APBA style football fields for an upcoming replay of mine. Upon his return from a hunting excursion, he converted all requested fields into PDF format and posted them on a Media Fire account for me. Art went out of his way to assist me and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

  • 6. Recommend you bring an APBA Football & first down marker with you and specifically instruct them how you want the two cuts done. I require the tip of the football rest on the upper hash marks (rough estimate is 1/4-inch above) and the first down marker on upper sideline boundary.

    Well, I know I’m really late to the party here, but I own both SOM and APBA football, and thought I’d answer the question directly rather than suggest other games. If #3 —play time of one hour or less— is really important to you, then go with SOM. Individual results may vary, of course, but when I played APBA football the games took about 2 hours, sometimes slightly longer (when I was first learning the game it was taking 3 hours). With SOM, I came in right at one hour or slightly less. APBA’s version may be more statistically accurate, however, but I certainly understand the realism/playability quotient of these games. On the whole, I recommend SOM football above APBA football.

      Modifications for APBA Football  
    Description: Extensive modifications for APBA Football.

    The following all contributed to the project:

    OFF Index vs. Run Dave "RogueBorg1"
    OFF Index vs. Pass Steve Kanehl
    Offense Coach Chart Steve Kanehl
    Defense Coach Chart Fletch67
    DEF Key on OFF Player Steve Kanehl
    DEF Blitz Chart Phil Malloy
    Bad Weather Rules Chris Blackburn
    ALL Run Pass Plays Dave Sayers
    Receiver Bonus Mike Haley
    Timing Adjustments Chris Blackburn
    Exact yds gained for FD Steve Kanehl
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    Added on: 29-Mar-2003
    Downloads: 4438
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  •   APBA Football Tweaks  
    Description: This is a word document listing several tweaks for APBA football. I believe these were compiled on the APBA BTL forum. If you created this collection please contact me so I can properly credit you.
    Filesize: 9.20 Kb
    Added on: 25-May-2003
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    Being an APBA Football junkie, I’ve had all 32 NFL fields created. While playing a game last night between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, I found myself staring at the playing surface of Lambeau Field and I swear that I heard the home faithful scream in unison “GO PACK GO!!!!!”

APBA football follows the basic setup of most football games.

We've been refining and improving APBA Football for five decades, and this version is the best yet. The game comes with the 2015 Denver, Carolina, Alabama and Clemson. Information on over 200 different players is included, with full season card sets both historical and current are available separately.