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    David Stewart, from Animal Alley Ministries, uses live exotic animals to help people grow in Christ by introducing, demonstrating and reaffirming good Christian character traits such as kindness, loyalty, endurance, responsibility and many more! He uses animals such as the coatimundi, hedgehog, iguana, bearded dragon, gopher tortoise, and more! Join us as we learn about God by looking at His little animals.

  • TNR — a program favored by cat advocates whereby cats are trapped, neutered (or spayed) and returned to the community — isn't a failed practice, as Marra and Santella charge. As the advocacy organization Alley Cat Allies , given appropriate resources and community commitment, it may be quite effective.

    The Animal Alley Realistic Rabbit line is available at Toys 'R Us stores, and they can still be bought today. There are quite a few colors to choose from in the line though we only have four of them. They cost $9.99 each and are made to closely resemble rabbits (lop eared).

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    Animal Alley Productions Static Display is perfect for high traffic areas. It is designed for the viewing public's enjoyment and safety, as well as the animal's comfort, well-being and safety. The animals are housed and displayed in newly built habitats. The static display has a self -guided tour and is manned by trained uniformed staff. The animal's habitats feature informational fact sheets providing the public with information about each animal on that species of animal being displayed. The static display and habitats have lighting so the display can be assessable during evening hours if requested. In order to provide a superior program to the audience throughout the day we have “Hands On” experiences for the attendees of the event

Response from Animal Alley Productions:

On Monday, Ostro launched a mural project, “Animal Alley L.A.,” in Echo Park. He’s filling the narrow alleyway off Glendale Boulevard, just behind the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, with colorful animal-themed art works – as many as he and about 20 local and international artists can squeeze in.