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  • It didn't matter. The band threw themselves into their set, playing eight kickass songs—loud, fast and badass—to a half-empty dance floor. The few people who were around shuffled their feet and clapped as 3 Headed Dog bashed on the drums, riffed their solos and strutted around the stage as though they were playing an arena show. All of their songs were in Tagalog, which slowly won the crowd over. As Aguirre strummed the first few notes of their final song, he closed his eyes and threw back his head. It was a heartfelt cover of the 1970s Filipino rock anthem "Ang Himig Natin" ("Our Anthem"), and by the end, the audience was cheering and asking for more. (The stage manager said no.)

    But inside, Beyond the Stars Palace was barely half-full. By 9:15 p.m., when singer/guitarist Dave Aguirre, drummer Wolf Gemora and bassist Danny Gonzalez got onstage, the host introduced them as "huge rock stars in the Philippines," mentioning the members were part of the legendary Razorback and Wolfgang. Then he mispronounced their name, saying, "Let's welcome 3 Headed Dogs!"

  • At a benefit for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Glendale last month, 3 Headed Dog took part in a multiband musical lineup. It seemed like the kind of event that would draw a huge crowd; after all, thousands had died in a natural calamity in the Philippines, and the Filipino-American community—at 1.4 million strong, the largest Asian American population in California—was finding all kinds of ways to raise money to help victims in the motherland.

    Coda Entertainment artist 3 Headed Dog unleash their debut music video. "Summer Wind" was originally written and recorded by Filipino rock icon Joey "Pepe" Smith. 3 Headed Dog's version is included on their debut album, "Maynilad". Released by Coda Entertainment!

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  • In January, 3 Headed Dog are going on a Philippine tour. They're also releasing their first full-length, Maynilad, on Coda Entertainment (), run by Gemora and his siblings, early next year, giving away a song a week until the album is finished. And while they want to make it big in the United States ("We sent our album to Carson Daly's label years ago. . . . I still have the rejection letter!" Gemora says with a laugh), it's not their biggest priority.

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